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・Challenge study of America's rabies vaccin entered to eight yaers .
・What every vet (and pet owner) should know about vaccines?
・We can half dose vaccines reduce the risk of vaccine reactions in small dogs.
Every unnecessary vaccine puts your dog at risk for common chronic health issues such as allergies,
joint disease, digestive disease, liver and kidney disease,Cushings disease ... and even cancer.
After more than 40 years of testing immunity in thousands of dogs,
veterinary immunologist Dr Ronald Schultz has come to the following conclusion:
“Only one dose of the modified-live canine core vaccine, when administered at 16 weeks or older,
will provide long lasting (many years to a lifetime) immunity in a very high percentage of animals.”
That very high percentage is nearly 100%.
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・Vaccinated dogs get Kennel Cough.
Dr. Ronald Schultz
                                    Dangerous Over-vaccination
                                    Which assertion is correct?
                                    Dr Ronald Schultz or vet of your town?
                                    Dog vaccine is only once.
                                    Pet vaccine is being exploited by Veterinarians from 40 years ago.
                                    Veterinarian is treating the side effects of the vaccine and get the profit.
                                    Healthy pets don't need vaccine.
                                    And a sick pet shouldn't vaccination.
                                    So all pets should not be vaccination.
                                    For anyone who really really love their dogs, under site is a must.
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